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Francis G. DeLuca

In 1993, Fr. Francis G. DeLuca of the Diocese of Wilmington was removed from ministry and allowed to retire to his hometown of Syracuse, New York following multiple allegations of child sexual abuse in approximately the 1960s. It was not until 2003 that the Wilmington diocese told Syracuse church officials about the credible allegations of child sexual abuse against Fr. DeLuca. In October 2006, Fr. DeLuca was arrested on charges of child sexual abuse. He began sexually abusing a 12 year old boy in Syracuse, New York from approximately 2001 to 2006. Fr. DeLuca was sentenced on September 11, 2007 to 60 days in jail, six years of probation, and had to register as a level 1 sex offender. Beginning in 2007 and continuing through 2009 multiple child sexual abuse lawsuits were filed against Fr. DeLuca. He was laicized in 2008 and the diocese released his personnel file in 2012.

Fr. Francis G. DeLuca was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Syracuse on February 3, 1958 and worked at the following locations:

1958: Ordained – Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, Syracuse, NY

1959-1961: St. Francis de Sales, Salisbury, DE

1962-1966: St. John the Beloved, Sherwood Park, DE

1967-1969: St. Elizabeth’s, Wilmington, DE

1970-1976: Holy Spirit, Garfield Park, DE

1977-1989: St. Matthew’s, Woodcrest, DE

1977-1978: St. Thomas More, Baltimore, MD

1990-1994: St. Joseph on the Brandywine, Greenville, DE

1995-2002: Retired

Fr. Francis G. DeLuca is believed to be residing in Syracuse, New York.

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