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Fr. John V. Farris, C.M.

Ordained, 1949

Notes: Fr. John Farris was ordained a priest of the Congregation of the Mission. In 2004, Fr. Farris was listed in Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ “Report to the People of God: Clergy Sexual Abuse in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, 1930-2003.” One survivor accused Fr. Farris of sexually abusing him as a child from approximately 1951 to 1954 in California. In 2013, Fr. Farris’ personnel file was released and showed that he worked in the Archdiocese of Denver in approximately 1964. Fr. Farris retained his priestly faculties until he died in 2003.

Assignments within the Archdiocese/Diocese(s) in Colorado: Denver


1950 St. John’s Seminary, Camarillo, CA (LA)

1951-1954 Los Angeles College, Los Angeles, CA (LA)

1955-1957 Seminary of Our Lady Queen of Angels, San Fernando, CA (LA)

1958 St. Louis Preparatory Seminary, St. Louis, MO (STL)

1959 Vincentian Parish Home, St. Louis, MO (STL)

1960-1964 Vincentian Foreign Mission Society, St. Louis, MO (STL)

1965-1967 The Confraternity Home Study Service, St. Louis, MO (STL)

1968-1969 Vincentian Parish House, St. Louis, MO (STL)

1970-1971 The Confraternity Home Study Service, St. Louis, MO (STL)

1972 St. Patrick’s, La Salle, IL (PEO)

1973-1977 St. Vincent’s, Kansas City, KS (KC)

1978 St. Vincent De Paul, St. Louis, MO (STL)

1979 St. Mary’s Seminary, Perryville, MO (STL)

1980 St. Cletus, St. Charles, MO (STL)

1981 St. Lawrence’s Church, New Hamburg, MO (SPC)

1982 Unknown

1983-1984 St. Gabriel The Archangel, St. Louis, MO (STL)

1985 Unknown

1986 Evangelization Center at St. Vincent’s College, Cape Girardeau, MO (SPC)

1987-1996 Unknown

1997-1999 Vincentian Bellerive Residence, St. Louis, MO (STL)

2000 Unknown

2001-2003 Vincentian Residence, St. Louis, MO (STL)

2003 Died