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Fr. Robert H. (M.) Chabak

Ordained, 1972

Assignments Within the Archdiocese/Diocese(s) in New Jersey: Newark


1973-1979 St. Mary of the Assumption, Elizabeth, NJ (NEW)

1980-1988 Christ the King, Hillside, NJ (NEW)

1989 Absent on Sabbatical Leave

1990-1997 SS. Peter and Paul’s Church, Hoboken, NJ (NEW)

1992 SS. Peter and Paul’s Church, Hoboken, NJ (NEW); Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ (NEW); Newman Center, Hoboken, NJ (NEW); NJ Archdiocesan Campus Ministry (NEW)

1998-2006 St. Valentine, Bloomfield, NJ (NEW)

2004 North Essex Deanery (NEW), St. Valentine, Bloomfield, NJ (NEW)

2005-2006 St. Valentine, Bloomfield, NJ (NEW)

2007-2008 Unknown

2009-2017 Retired - Normandy Beach, NJ

2018-2019 Unknown