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Gregory Madigan, osc

A member of the Crosier Order, Brother Gregory Madigan, admitted to sexually abusing a 14 year old boy in the 1980s after the boy filed a lawsuit against him. Brother Madigan also admitted to abusing other boys, and is believed to have molested at least six boys in the 1960s and 1970s.

In October 2002, Madigan’s name was released by the Crosiers along with seven other names of priests and brother accused of sexually abusing minors.

Following his admission of abuse, the Crosiers sent Br. Madigan to St. Luke’s in Silver Spring, Maryland for treatment. When he returned he was given clerical positions at Crosier facilities in New York, Chicago, and Shoreview, Minnesota. Br. Madigan continues to live under restriction in Phoenix, Arizona.

Brother Gregory Madigan worked in the following locations:

· 3/19/1956 – First profession

· 1955-1958 – Wawasee Prep, Syracuse, IN

· 1960-1961 – Crosier Community of White Plains, NY

· 1961-1987 – Crosier Seminary, Onamia, MN

· 1988 – Sabbatical

· 1988-1990 – Crosier Community of Chicago

· 1990-2000 – Crosier Community of New Rochelle, NY

· 2000-2003 – Crosier Community of Shoreview, MN

· 2004-present – Crosier Community of Phoenix, AZ

Madigan, Gregory