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Fr. Charles J. Davis

Ordained, 1962

Assignments Within the Archdiocese/Diocese(s) in New Jersey: Camden


1963-1964 St. Luke, Camden, NJ (CAM)

1965 St. Agnes, Camden, NJ (CAM)

1966 On Duty Outside the Diocese; Trenton, NJ (CAM)

1967 On Duty Outside the Diocese; Brazil (CAM)

1968-1970 Chaplain U.S. Army (CAM)

1971 Leave of Absence (CAM)

1972 St. Mary, Camden, NJ (CAM)

1973-1974 Immaculate Heart of Mary, Camden, NJ (CAM)

1975-1976 Graduate Studies; Ft. Benning, GA (CAM)

1977-1979 Chaplain USAF; Ft. Benning, GA (CAM)

1980-1983 U.S. Army (CAM)

1984-1992 Military Chaplain; U.S. Army (CAM)

1993-1996 On Duty Outside the Diocese; Freeport, FL (CAM)

1997-1999 On Duty Outside the Diocese; Woodsville, NH (CAM)

2000-2002 Retired, Woodsville, NH (CAM)

2003-2005 Retired, Bath, NH (CAM)

2006-2019 Unknown