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Fr. Charles J. (C. Jeffries) Burton, S.J.

Ordained, 1967

Assignments Within the Archdiocese/Diocese(s) in New Jersey: Camden


1968 College of the Sacred Heart, Woodstock, MD (BAL)

1969-1970 Colegio San Mateo, Osorno, Chile (MDProv)

1971-1978 Chapel of the Holy Redeemer, Hot Springs, NC (R)

1979-1982 Youth Ministries, Flat Rock, NC (CHL)

1980 Self-Help, Inc., Baltimore, MD (BAL)

1983-1988 Holy Name, Camden, NJ (CAM)

1989-1991 Jesuit Ferdinand Wheeler House, Baltimore, MD (BAL)

1990-1994 Holy Spirit, Atlantic City, NJ (CAM); Camden Diocesan Center, Mays Landing, NJ (CAM) Stockton State College; Pomona, NJ, (CAM)

1993-1998 St. Peter, Pleasantville, NJ (CAM)

1999-2002 St. James, Ventor, NJ (CAM)

2003-2006 Assumption Parish, Pomona, NJ (CAM)

2007 Unknown

2008 Jesuit Fathers and Brother Maryland Provincial Curia, Baltimore, MD (BAL)

2009-2010 Colombiere Jesuit Community, Baltimore, MD (BAL)

2011 Died