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New York Press Event Today - National Conference of Religious Men Sued; Survivors to Speak Publicly at 1:00PM ET

2/14/2019 9:38:00 AM
Sexual Abuse Survivors to Speak Publicly
About the Child Victims Act and Lawsuit Naming the
Catholic Conference of Major Superiors of Men

Names and photographs of religious priests and brothers who worked in all 8 New York Dioceses to be released

WHAT: At a news conference Today in downtown Manhattan, sexual abuse survivors and their attorneys and advocates will:

•    Announce the filing of a lawsuit naming the Catholic Conference of Major Superiors of Men for concealing from the public, parishioners and law enforcement, the histories and identities of religious order priests and brothers, accused of sexually abusing children;
•    Bridget Lyons, Darryl Bassile, Jeanne Marron, Mark Lyman and other survivors will speak publicly about this lawsuit, their long-awaited chance for justice, and their hopes for what the New York Child Victims Act will accomplish for survivors in the future.
•    Demand the release of the files pertinent to the histories of each priest and brother who sexually abused children in New York, so the public, police and parishioners know who was complicit in the ongoing concealment of this hazard;
•    Demand full disclosure of all known offenders in the 8 dioceses across New York where no such lists of religious order priests and brothers have been released.
•    Encourage all survivors of child sexual abuse in New York to come forward.

"These courageous survivors have all found their voice and are taking this action to require the truth to be known and for the children in New York, and nationwide, to be safer.” – Attorney Jeff Anderson

WHEN: Thursday, February 14th at 1:00PM ET

WHERE: Andaz Wall Street Hotel – Studio 2
                 75 Wall Street
                 New York City, NY 10005

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