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U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Sued By 6 Sexual Abuse Survivors - Baltimore Press Conference Today

11/13/2018 3:44:00 PM
United States Catholic Conference of Bishops Sued
By 6 Sexual Abuse Survivors for Maintaining a Public Hazard

Survivors from California, Illinois, Minnesota,
New York, and Pennsylvania to speak about why
they chose to file this suit together with urgency

Lawsuit seeks court ordered disclosure of identities of all offenders and their histories
known only to the Bishops who continue to keep this information secret

WHAT: At a news conference Tuesday in Baltimore, Maryland, sexual abuse survivors, attorneys and advocates will:
•    Announce the filing of a lawsuit naming the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for concealing the known histories and identities from the public, parishioners and law enforcement, of clergy accused of sexually abusing children across the country;
•    Minnesota survivor will explain how the same legal theory was used to excavate information on known offenders, including the offender who sexually abused him, and how this excavation needs to happen across the country through this lawsuit;
•    California survivor will reveal how Bishop Joseph Ferrario, ordained in Pennsylvania, was elevated to Bishop of Honolulu after allegations of child sexual abuse were covered up;
•    Demand the release of the files pertinent to the histories of every priest so the public, police and parishioners know who was complicit in the ongoing concealment of this hazard;
•    Demand full disclosure of all known offenders in the 196 dioceses across the country, including the 120 dioceses that have not released a list.

WHEN: Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 1:00PM ET

WHERE: The Sheraton Inner Harbor – Camden Room
               300 S. Charles St.
               Baltimore, MD 21201

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