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FEB 14 2019

Names and photographs of religious priests and brothers who worked in all 8 New York Dioceses to be released

JAN 31 2019

The Truth Has Been Told:Children’s Theatre Company Failed to Protect Kids. Jury determines Children’s Theatre was negligent.

JAN 30 2019

Diocese of San Bernardino Clergy Sexual Abuse Report to be Released Today Over 80 Catholic Clergy Accused of Sexual Misconduct

JAN 28 2019

New York Child Victims Act Will Hold Institutions Accountable, Help Survivors HealThe Historic Reform Legislation Will Change Lives (Albany, NY) – By passing the Child Victims Act (CVA) today, the New York Legislature gave long-suffering survivors a chance to come forward and begin the healing process. It is a new day.We applaud the New York Legislature for doing the right thing. Sen. Brad Hoylman and Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal deserve credit for sponsoring and guiding the legislation. Most of the credit goes to child sexual abuse survivors, who have endured years, sometimes decades, of...

JAN 3 2019

At a news conference on Thursday in Chicago, sexual abuse survivors and their attorneys and advocates will launch a statewide initiative, “Fight for 500,” which seeks to uncover the identities and information about the more than 500 alleged predator priests the Illinois Attorney General recently reported...