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DEC 3 2018

Today, the Diocese of Syracuse released a list of names of 57 priests with credible allegations of sexual abuse of a minor. Until today, Bishop Robert J. Cunningham has refused to release the list of names of credibly accused priests. As former Bishop of the Diocese of Ogdensburg and after working as Chancellor and Vicar General in...

NOV 15 2018

Two survivors use public hazard nuisance laws to force Bishops to disclose dangerous secrets

NOV 13 2018

United States Catholic Conference of Bishops Sued By 6 Sexual Abuse Survivors for Maintaining a Public Hazard Survivors from California, Illinois, Minnesota, New York, and Pennsylvania to speak about why they chose to file this suit together with urgency

OCT 30 2018

New York Catholic Bishops Sued for Conspiracy to Conceal a Public Hazard Names and Histories of 20 Perpetrators Kept Secret by New York Bishops to be Exposed for the First Time Today

OCT 29 2018

Statement From Survivor Matt Golden Regarding Bishop Malone, Diocese of Buffalo’s Handling of Sexual Abuse Cases60 Minutes exposes the dangerous practices and protocols still employed by the Diocese of Buffalo (Buffalo, New York) – Sexual abuse survivor Matt Golden sued the Diocese of Buffalo in August, claiming the Diocese of Buffalo and Bishop Richard J. Malone created and exposed the public to dangerous predator priests and continue to do so through present day. Golden’s lawsuit claims that the Diocese of Buffalo continues to conspire and engage in efforts to conceal from the public and law...

OCT 24 2018

Vatican Allowed Bay Area Predator Priest to Work in Oakland Diocese as Youth Coordinator After Arrest. Former Minnesota Archbishop Transferred to Northern California after Papal White-Wash by Former Apostolic Nuncio Carlo Maria Vigano...