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MAR 20 2019

At a news conference on Wednesday in Chicago, survivors, advocates and the law firm of Jeff Anderson & Associates will release a 185-page report on clergy sexual abuse in Illinois containing background information, photographs and assignment histories of 395 Catholic clergy and laypersons accused of sexual misconduct.

MAR 19 2019

Diocese Protected Fr. John Ruhl In Spite of multiple Abuse AccusationsAt a press conference Tuesday in Santa Ana, California, survivors, advocates, and the law firm of Jeff Anderson & Associates will announce a lawsuit on behalf of a man naming the Diocese of Orange and Fr. John E. Ruhl as defendants. The lawsuit alleges that Fr. Ruhl sexually abused the boy at a Placentia parish.

FEB 21 2019

Survivors, attorneys and advocates demand transparency, accountability and action from Cardinal Dolan and Archdiocesan officialsFirm has released reports on sexual abuse nationwide, including reports involving the Dioceses of Buffalo, Syracuse and Ogdensburg

FEB 19 2019

“These are not errors in judgement but calculated and conscious choices they have made for decades. This is a time for action and truth, not apologies and appeasement.” – Attorney Jeff Anderson(Rome) - Today, the leaders of the Catholic religious orders admitted to what they refer to as, “errors in judgment” in handling child sexual abuse cases. Last week, five courageous sexual abuse survivors filed a lawsuit naming the Catholic Conference of Major Superiors of Men for hiding a dangerous public hazard by concealing the identities and files of all religious clerics who have been accused of chi...

FEB 15 2019

Statement from Jeff Anderson & Associates (Brooklyn, NY) – Today, the Diocese of Brooklyn and Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio released a list of over 100 names of clergy with allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor.  Prior to today’s release, the Brooklyn diocese covertly released a list on its website in November 2017 containing the names of 8 priests and then quietly added five more names to the list.  This list is currently unavailable on the diocese’s website. In addition to this list, the Diocese of Brooklyn made a brief statement in response to survivor Thomas Davis’ allegat...

FEB 14 2019

Monsignor Otto Garcia was tasked with handling pedophile priests in the Brooklyn Diocese — but now a man is accusing him of abuseA Queens man claims he endured sexual abuse by a priest — now a monsignor — who would later be accused of concealing the sins of pedophile priests in the Brooklyn Diocese.For more than four decades, Tommy Davis says, he carried the secret that he’d been repeatedly sexually abused as a teen by Monsignor Otto Garcia.And Davis says his shame caused him to fall into drugs, alcoholism and ruined relationships before he got sober. It took him decades to tell his story...