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First Hearing to be Held Today at 9:30AM ET in Diocese of Buffalo Bankruptcy Case
2/28/2020 8:32:00 AM
Survivors, Attorney Steve Boyd to Respond to Diocese’s Filing After Hearing at Federal Courthouse in Buffalo

United States Bankruptcy Court
Western District of New York

2 Niagara Square
Buffalo, NY 14202

(Buffalo, New York)
– Today in Buffalo, sexual abuse survivors and attorney Steve Boyd, in partnership with the law firm of Jeff Anderson and Associates, will:
•    Provide comment on the Diocese of Buffalo’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing – a self-serving legal tactic to limit the ability for survivors of clergy sexual abuse in the Diocese of Buffalo to pursue justice.
•    Discuss how this filing is designed to critically impede the excavation of names and information pertaining to predator priests, as well as what the Diocese and its top officials knew about the alleged abusers and when they knew it.  
•    Discuss the historic New York Child Victims Act – a law that extends the statute of limitations and provides a one-year window (closing August 13, 2020) for sexual abuse survivors to bring lawsuits in cases that were previously time-barred – and how this Chapter 11 filing actively undermines the spirit and intent of this Act.
•    Encourage clergy abuse survivors within the Diocese of Buffalo to come forward confidentially under the New York Child Victims Act.
•    Remind survivors that there still is time to pursue justice.
•    Demand full disclosure by Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger of the identities, histories, and current whereabouts of all clergy accused of child sexual abuse who worked in the Diocese of Buffalo.
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