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* Files released by the Archdiocese of Chicago on November 6, 2014
Searchable files obtained from Bishop Accountability

Priest Files

Baranowski, Alexander Sylvester * Timeline
Bartz, Richard Barry * Timeline
Becker, Robert C. Timeline
Bennett, Joseph R. Timeline
Bogdan, Leonard Adolph * Timeline
Bowman, Robert Peter * Timeline
Braun, David Francis * Timeline
Brigham, Kenneth. Timeline
Buck, Daniel Peter * Timeline
Burns, Eugene Patrick * Timeline
Calicott, John Walter * Timeline
Cloutier, William J. Timeline
Craig, Robert D. Timeline
Curran, John Timeline
Czajka, Norman J. * Timeline
DeRoeck, Walter George * Timeline
Dilla, Francis Emil * Timeline
Fassbinder, Richard Wayne * Timeline
Fitzharris, Joseph L. Timeline
Flosi, James Vincent * Timeline
Friese, Robert * Timeline
Garza, Jesus P. * Timeline
Hagan, James C. Timeline
Hefferan, John Edward * Timeline
Hoder, James * Timeline
Hogan, Michael J. * Timeline
Holihan, Daniel M. Timeline
Huppenbauer, Walter Edward * Timeline
Job, Thomas J. Timeline
Kealy, Robert Louis * Timeline
Keehan, John James * Timeline
Kelly, Thomas F. Timeline
Keough, John Joseph * Timeline
Kissane, Joseph P. Timeline
Kmak, Leonard Paul * Timeline
Lupo, William L. * Timeline
Maday, Norbet J. Timeline
Mayer, Robert E. Timeline
McCaffrey, Vincent E. Timeline
McDonald, Robert Joseph * Timeline
McNamara, Peter John * Timeline
Miller, Gary M. * Timeline
Mulsoff, Donald John * Timeline
O'Brien, William J. Timeline
Owens, Joseph Timeline
Pallakunnen, Emmanuel Timeline
Ray, James M. * Timeline
Robinson, John Allen * Timeline
Rohrich, John F. * Timeline
Romano, Russell L. Timeline
Ruge, Kenneth C. Timeline
Savage, Joseph E. * Timeline
Skriba, Raymond Timeline
Snieg, Marion J. Timeline
Steel, James R. Timeline
Stewart, Victor Timeline
Strand, Ralph S. Timeline
Swade, Thomas J. Timeline
Swider, Henry P. Timeline
Tanghal, Albert * Timeline
Theisen, Richard Gregory * Timeline
Thomas, Joseph S. * Timeline
Turlo, Walter J. Timeline
Ulatowski, Donald Francis Timeline
Vader, Anthony Joseph * Timeline
Weston, Michael Timeline