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OCT 3 2018

On October 2, 2018, Jeff Anderson & Associates released a report on clergy sexual abuse in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The report details the history of the Archdiocese and provides background and information on 307 perpetrators who were allowed to work in the Archdiocese. We believe this number is deficient and expect more information to come to light in the future. Of the 307, at least 37 perpetrators were allowed to flee Los Angeles once reports of abuse were known to Church officials. Even more concerning, is that the whereabouts of at least 150 are unknown and our communities and ...

SEP 13 2018

If only the Diocese of Buffalo would put even a fraction of the effort into protecting kids as it puts into covering up for sexual abuse by priests and guarding its secret archives.Yesterday, an investigative news team at WKBW in Buffalo reported that the Diocese of Buffalo vastly understated the number and concealed the identities of priests accused of sexual abuse. The report is damning. In March, the Diocese released a list of 42 priests “who were removed from ministry, were retired, or left ministry after allegations of sexual abuse of a minor,” after pressure from our law firm and sexual ...

SEP 7 2018

This week, the attorneys general of five states announced they are conducting independent investigations of the Catholic dioceses in their states with regard to clergy sexual abuse. They join the ranks of other states where attorneys generals are investigating the Catholic Church in the wake of the Pennsylvania grand jury report on clergy abuse released in August. Attorney Jeff Anderson calls on attorneys general and law enforcement in all 50 states to do the same, in order to cut through the Church’s secrecy and complicity regarding sexual abuse of children by its clergy.

AUG 31 2018

As an adult, Paul Dunn came forward and reported that he was sexually abused as a child by a Queens, NY, priest, many years after it happened. Now 53, Dunn spent the past 40 or so years suffering: attempted suicide, addiction, cutting, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and three failed marriages. In June, he turned down a $200,000 cash settlement for his suffering because it ‘“doesn’t even come close” to delivering justice.”’We are inspired by his courage and selflessness. The Diocese of Brooklyn, which covers Queens, offered Dunn the money after he provided details regarding his...

AUG 30 2018

Today a courageous sexual abuse survivor, Matthew Golden, sued the Diocese of Buffalo, New York for nuisance. The lawsuit claims that the Diocese of Buffalo continues to conspire and engage in efforts to conceal from the public and law enforcement, the identities of priests who have sexually abused minors and allow known child molesters like Fr. Dennis Riter who abused Golden when he was a child, to live freely in the community without information the public. To-date, more than 80 priests have been accused of child sexual abuse in the Diocese of Buffalo. Attorney Stacey Benson calls on the...

AUG 29 2018

Last week, Pope Francis offered an apology to survivors of child sexual abuse, but this apology rings hollow. The Catholic Church, its Bishops, and the current and previous Popes, continue to repeatedly apologize to survivors without taking any action to help survivors of sexual abuse. Words do not protect children, actions do. Attorney Mike Finnegan calls on Pope Francis and the Vatican to come clean, release the files of all pedophile priests and punish the Bishops who were complicit in covering up these horrific crimes against children.